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Scholarships & Bursaries


Entries are encouraged from candidates who demonstrate excellence, outstanding achievement and promise.

A Haileybury Scholarship typically carries a fee remission and successful applicants gain enormously from the additional opportunities and enrichment programmes on offer. Scholarships are awarded on merit and are not means-tested.


At 11+ entry Academic, Music, Sport
At 13+ and 16+ entry Academic, Drama, Music, Sport and Art and/or Design Technology Scholarships.


A Scholarship will normally be held for the duration of a pupil’s career at Haileybury, subject to the pupil continuing to meet the standards expected.

Dependent on individual circumstances, a Scholarship and Bursary can run concurrently in the case of a pupil requiring financial assistance.


Bursaries are offered to make it possible for talented candidates or those in significant pastoral need, whose parents could not otherwise afford the fees, to benefit from a Haileybury education.

Applications for financial assistance are separate to scholarship applications.

Parents are required to make a written statement to support their application. Bursary applications should be submitted prior to the entrance examination dates. Bursary applications submitted after receipt of a place offer may not be considered.

The final decision will be made by the Bursary Committee who can award either a proportion of the fees or, in exceptional cases, full fees.

Please contact a member of the Admissions Department for further information.