fbpx Scholarships - Haileybury


A Haileybury Scholarship typically carries a nominal fee remission and successful applicants gain enormously from the additional opportunities and enrichment programmes on offer.

Scholarships are awarded on merit and applicants are required to attend a scholarship assessment day. 

Scholarships are offered as follows:

At 11+ entryAcademic, Music, Sport
At 13+ and 16+ entryAcademic, Art, Design Technology, Drama, Music, and Sport 

A Scholarship will normally be held for the duration of a pupil’s career at Haileybury, subject to them continuing to meet the standards expected. Scholarships are reviewed annually. Applicants may only apply for a maximum of three scholarships.

Dependent upon individual circumstances, a scholarship and bursary can run concurrently in the case of a pupil requiring financial assistance.

Please contact the Admissions Department for further information.

Scholarship Assessment Dates

Music Scholarship DayMonday 18 November 2024
Sports Scholarship DayTuesday 19 November 2024
Sports Scholarship DayThursday 9 January 2025
Design Technology Scholarship DayThursday 9 January 2025
Art Scholarship DayFriday 10 January 2025
Academic Scholarship DayTuesday 14 January 2025
Music Scholarship DayThursday 16 January 2025
Drama Scholarship DayThursday 16 January 2025
Scholarship DayThursday 14 November 2025