fbpx Drama - Haileybury

Drama at Haileybury offers an exceptional opportunity for self-expression, communication and reflection.

In addition to acting, pupils of all ages are able to develop a range of skills such as theatre work, prop making, film-making and lighting and sound.

Each year there are four co-curricular drama performances as well as a range of clubs and technical workshops that pupils can get involved in to enhance their passion on or behind the stage. Our major school productions have, in recent years, been performed in the Hertford Theatre and opened up to the public.

Pupils also have the opportunity to take LAMDA lessons, working with an excellent team of tutors through Exam Stars at Haileybury, who provide first-class tuition on a solo, paired or group basis. Pupils can participate in Acting, Improvisation, Public Speaking and Shakespeare examinations.

Jacob Thomas
Director of Dramatic Arts

Haileybury TV

HTV is the exciting vision for filmmaking at Haileybury. Alongside industry professionals, pupils will engage in film production, creation and editing at a range of levels, taking in film theory, cinematic skills and editing technique. Students will participate in short films documenting and celebrating college life; create artistic short films, newsdesk style bulletins and even live-stream sports. Available through activities, clubs  and as part of the academic electives programme the future of filmmaking at Haileybury is very exciting.