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13+ Removes (Year 9)

At 13+ we admit up to 70 pupils each year. The Main Entrance Examinations will be held in the February of a candidate’s Year 7.

For children in UK Prep Schools, Haileybury offers an earlier entrance procedure called the Early Tests. This involves candidates taking the entrance examinations in the February of their Year 6 for a deferred, confirmed place for Year 9. Entry via the Early Test route is highly competitive as only a small number of spaces are allocated at this time.

Entry to Haileybury via the 13+ Main Entrance Exams or 13+ Early Tests will be assessed using the following criteria:

  • An online cognitive abilities test (CAT). This includes verbal and non-verbal reasoning, quantitative and spatial assessments. Applicants cannot prepare for these tests, meaning that the results will give an indication of their natural ability
  • A successful interview at Haileybury
  • A satisfactory report and reference from the candidate’s current school.

As part of the admissions process, we want to understand more about a pupil as a learner. In order for us to do this, we would like them to submit a piece of work that they have completed within the last 3 months. This should be a piece of work that they have worked on themselves and could be something that they have done at school or under their own steam. Whilst it is fine for a pupil to have had support and guidance from others, it is important that they are able to talk about, explain and reflect on the learning that took place as this work was produced during their interview.

Examples of work might include, but are not restricted to, the following:

  • A piece of creative writing
  • A project looking at a topic of interest
  • An academic essay, for example exploring a historical period
  • A design or practical piece of work that a pupil has developed
  • A write up of a science experiment
  • A portfolio of art or design work
  • An investigation or series of questions and solutions from a mathematical area of interest.

Work should be submitted by at least two weeks in advance of the exam date, in order to allow interviewers time to review the submissions ahead of interview. In assessing applications a judgement is made as to the individual candidate’s potential. The report and reference from the Head of their current school are taken into account as are other talents, for instance in the areas of music, art and sport.

More information on how to apply can be found in our Admissions Information booklet

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