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13+ Removes (Year 9)

The Main Entrance Examinations for 13+ will be held in the January of a candidate’s Year 7.

  • Step One: Initial Enquiry

    Please contact Admissions to enquire about a place in Year 9 by telephone, +44 (0) 1992 706 200, email admissions@haileybury.com or by completing this enquiry form.

    We admit around 70 pupils each year into Removes (Year 9). They will join the pupils who have come through our Lower School to form a year group of around 130 pupils.

    Early 13+

    For children attending UK Prep Schools, Haileybury offers an earlier entrance route (the Early Tests / the Early 13+), which takes place in the February of an applicant’s Year 6; two and half years before their proposed date of entry. 

    Main 13+

    The main entrance examinations (the Main Exams / the Main 13+) are held in the January of an applicant’s Year 7; 20 months prior to the proposed date of entry.

    Offers made at this point are for a confirmed and unconditional place in Year 9. Please note that entry via the Early Tests is highly competitive as we only make a small number of offers at that time; however, unsuccessful Early Tests applicants are eligible to reapply through the Main Exams route when they are in Year 7.

    Following the Main Exams / the Main 13+ assessments, Haileybury will continue to accept registrations and assess applicants for as long as places remain available. Whether applying via the Main Exams or the Early Tests route, the admissions process is identical.

  • Step Two: Visit the School

    Many parents will visit the School for a Year 9 place when their child is in Year 5. We host a number of Open Days and the date for the Autumn Term Whole School Open Day is Saturday 5 October 2024.

    Open day dates

    We also welcome families for individual tours throughout the year and please email visits@haileybury.com to make an appointment.

  • Step Three: Registration

    To be considered for a place at Haileybury, please register your child with us by completing the Registration Form. There is a non-refundable registration fee of £200. Upon registration, please send Admissions a copy of your child’s latest school report and a copy of their passport.

    Please note that international applicants may be asked to sit a UKiset test to assess their level of functional English ahead of the Entrance Examinations.

    In order to ensure that we can fully support each child on their learning journey we need to be aware of children who have specific learning needs. If this applies to your child, please declare this on the registration form. Please contact a member of the Admissions department if you wish to discuss this.  

    The deadline for registrations for the tests for Main 13+ (Entry 2026) is Friday 20 December 2024 and Early 13+ (entry in 2027) is Friday 3 January 2025.

    For more information, please contact the Admissions department by telephone, +44 (0) 1992 706 353 or email admissions@haileybury.com 

  • Step Four: Entrance Assessment

    All applicants will sit Haileybury papers in Maths and English to assess their fundamental understanding of these core subjects. All applicants will also sit an online cognitive abilities test (CAT4) which includes verbal and non-verbal reasoning, quantitative and spatial assessments. All applicants will also have an interview with a member of staff.

    Where possible, pupils are asked to come on-site and sit the entrance exams. The day is designed to be as pressure-free as possible and the applicants have time to get to know each other and enjoy lunch in the Dining Hall. 

    Haileybury also offers a remote, online testing session where international pupils may sit their entrance examinations from home and are invigilated by a member of Haileybury staff. Alternatively international applicants may be permitted to sit the entrance exams at offices of the British Council, at the offices of a recognised educational agent working with Haileybury or at a lawyers’ office.

    The date for the Main 13+ entrance examinations is Friday 24 January 2025.

    The date for the Early 13+ entrance examinations is Wednesday 5 February 2025.

    Sample exam papers

  • Step Five: Entry Offers and Acceptance

    All elements of the examination process are considered during the undertaking of making decisions by the Admissions Committee. 

    Exam applicants will be informed of the outcome for Main 13+ on Thursday 6 February 2025.

    Exam applicants will be informed of the outcome for Early 13+ on Thursday 27 February 2025.

  • Step Six: Experience Days, Welcome Day and Arrival

    All new parents are sent an Information For New Parents booklet in the Summer Term, which provides important information about joining the School. 

    All incoming pupils who accept their places from the Early 13+ and Main 13+ tests, are invited to Experience Days which is a marvellous opportunity for them to get to know the School and each other before starting at Haileybury. Details about these days will be sent to all children who have accepted their place. 

    All pupils and families are invited to Welcome Day in the Summer term where they will hear from the Head and key members of staff before meeting their Housemaster or Housemistress and getting to know other pupils joining their House and enjoying lunch together.

    Induction Day for all new pupils will also be held on the day before the start of the Autumn Term.