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The Governors of Haileybury are committed to providing financial aid, in the form of bursaries, to any child with academic potential who would benefit from accessing the opportunities Haileybury has to offer but who would otherwise not have the means to attend.

Bursary support takes the form of a discount on tuition fees payable depending upon the financial circumstances of applicants. The awards are made at the discretion of the Master in consultation with the Bursary Awards Committee, based on a means test, which includes a review of a family’s circumstances, income and capital resources. The Financial Controller conducts an initial review of applications, and those cases which are deemed to have prospects of success are referred to the School’s independent financial consultants (Bursary Administration Limited – BAL) for assessment. BAL produces a formal report which is reviewed by the Master and the Bursary Awards Committee before a decision is reached. The BAL process is necessarily formal. If an application is not forwarded to BAL, or if a bursary is not awarded following assessment by BAL, parents will be informed of the reason by the Financial Controller. 

To Apply for a Bursary

  • Please visit the School at the earliest opportunity to decide if Haileybury would suit your child.
  • If you are interested in seeking a place after your visit, please register for the entrance tests.
  • Parents seeking a bursary are required to complete a bursary application form by 1 October, which seeks to establish the financial circumstances of the household. Bursary forms are available from Admissions, admissions@haileybury.com
  • The application must be completed by both parents or all those with parental rights and responsibilities. Assessments can only be made where applications are complete. All completed application forms must be sent to Carol Bartlett, Bursary Manager,  bursaryapplications@haileybury.com
  • To form an accurate picture of a family’s financial circumstances, it is important to provide as much contextual information as possible, especially in regard to future expectations. If there are particular financial or family circumstances that are pertinent to an application, please ensure that these are outlined on the bursary form or in a covering letter enclosed with it. All personal information will be treated as completely confidential.
  • During the decision-making process, the Master and Bursary Awards Committee will identify those applicants who are likely to make sound academic progress following admission and who are likely to make a contribution to Haileybury, whilst benefiting from participation in the wider, extra-curricular activities on offer at the School.
  • Bursary applications for children deemed suitable are processed in order to establish a likely level of support which will be required in order to allow the child to attend the School. As stated above, this will be carried out by the School’s advisers, Bursary Administration Ltd (BAL) and will involve a parent meeting to ensure the information has been correctly interpreted. Documentary evidence will be required, full details of which will be provided by BAL. Please note that Bursaries are reassessed annually and commence after the Autumn half-term of the preceding year.
  • BAL submit their findings to the Master, who alongside the Bursary Awards Committee, reviews each case for financial assistance. The Master’s decision is final and is not subject to appeal.
  • Parents are advised whether their child is to be offered a place at the School and the amount of any bursary offer. 
  • Parents are then required to complete an Acceptance Form to accept a place at the School and an acknowledgement agreeing to the conditions of the bursary award.

Applications for the forthcoming academic year must be received prior to 1 October.

Applications received after this date, or applications that are incomplete, may not be considered and could result in no award being made.

Please note that international applicants are generally not eligible for financial assistance.