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Working at Haileybury

Staff enjoy a range of benefits which makes working at the School a fulfilling experience.


Around 95 per cent of teaching staff are allocated accommodation on campus and every effort is made to ensure that those allocated accommodation are able to move into their home at least a week before term starts.

Great food

Eating at Haileybury, in our magnificent dining hall, is a fantastic experience in itself. The food, which has won many awards, is truly exceptional.

Free access to gym and swimming pool

Haileybury has a magnificent swimming pool and gym facilities. With the exception of periods reserved for pupils, the pool is open to every member of staff.

Free parking

Designated areas are provided for staff where they can park without needing a ticket.

Subsidised cafe

Staff can enjoy a range of cakes, confectionery, savoury items, soft drinks and freshly-made coffee at The Grubber.