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11+ Lower School 1 (Year 7)

The entrance assessments take place in the November preceding the year of entry (a candidate’s Year 6).

September 2021 Entry

Given the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the preparation for children applying for entry to join Lower School 1 (Year 7) in September 2021, the decision has been made to not assess applicants using the School’s own paper-based English and Mathematics entrance examinations. This means that applicants who have received more exposure to (remote) teaching over the last few months will not have an unfair advantage over those who have not.

For entry into Year 7 in September 2021, we are going to ask candidates to submit one piece of work about which they are particularly proud. This work should have been completed in the last six months and could take the form of a piece of creative writing, an essay, an artistic portfolio, book review, science project write up or similar. This work should be completed by the pupil themselves, though it is acceptable if they have received support and guidance in completing it. The pupils should be prepared to talk about the process of completing the work itself: in some senses, the ability to reflect on the learning process is as important a part of the assessment process as the work itself.

In addition, all pupils will be asked to submit a 5 minute presentation on a topic of their choice. This should be delivered directly to the camera and should not include any special effects or the like. Pupils should look to show us a little about themselves, their interests and their thinking during this presentation. Whilst the subject is of the pupil’s own choice, it is worth stating that this is part of the academic assessment so pupils should consider the content accordingly.

Finally, all pupils will be part of an extended interview process with a member of the senior academic staff. This interview will be carried out by a member of a highly experienced panel who will be sure to give the pupil every opportunity to shine.

We are confident that the three steps above will enable us to understand pupils as learners, to assess academic potential and to ensure that the right fit exists between the school and the pupil.

In assessing applications a judgement is made as to the individual candidate’s potential. The report and reference from the Head of their current school are taken into account as are other talents, for instance in the areas of music, art and sport.

More information on how to apply can be found in our Admissions Information booklet

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