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Teaching Staff


Teaching staff

Gabrielle Alway, Lisa Haslinger and Cat Salisbury

Computer Science

Head of Computer Science

Stephen Trask

Teaching staff

Kate Donkin and Ann Spavin

Design Technology

Head of Design Technology

Tom Opie

Teaching staff

Graham Mitchell and Andrew Perrin


Head of Drama and Director of Dramatic Arts

Jacob Thomas

Teaching Staff

Emma Denly and Mark Elias


Head of Economics

Lloyd Davies

Teaching staff

Julian Alliott, Victoria Lee, Jonathan Medcraft, and Sarah Webb


Head of English

Chris Pitchford

Teaching staff

Harry Baxendale, Peter Blair, Cameron Braans, Abigail Kentish, Isaac Lau, Tessa Moses, Amy Sparrow, Clare Tomsett and Harry Wills

Humanities Department

Assistant Head (Digital Learning)

Tom Wade


Head of Geography

Dougal Lyon

Teaching staff

Jennifer Evans, Harriet Flowerdew, Paris Gasson, George Seccombe, and William Sherrington-Scales


Head of History

Daisy Cragg

Teaching staff

Tom Blampied, Daisy Cragg, Phil Craven, Clare Grant, Laura Pugsley and Amy Sparrow

Languages Department

Curriculum Leader Languages and Head of Classics

Sam Koon

Curriculum Coordinator Languages and Culture

José Martinez Garcia


Head of Classics

Sam Koon

Teaching staff

Elizabeth Caffrey, Ben Greenley, Patrick James, Ed Pyman and Helena Walters

French, German, Italian, Spanish

Head of French

Henry Englander

Head of German

Lorna Jones

Head of Italian

Giovanna Iorio

Head of Spanish

José Martinez Garcia

Teaching staff

William Flint Cahan, Simon Heard, Carl Igolen-Robinson, Elisa Koptient, Jutta Mueller-Leighton, Cecile Randall, Andrew Searson, Christopher Stanley, Dominic Tomlinson and Suzanne Wilson   

Learning Support

Head of Learning Support

Jessica Tofts-Waters

Teaching staff

Kate Brimmicombe-Wood, Sorel Persaud and Andrew Thomas


Head of Mathematics

Ben White

Teaching staff

Ben Appasamy, Amyce Aurora-Smith,  Laurence Bruggemann, Clare Edwards, Marc Holmes, Jocelyn Jennings, Niall McCarthy, Andrew Newby, Kate Burton-Osmond, Rob Schilling, Simi Shah, Miles Tomkins, Andrew Walker, Sam Weissen and Calum Whitfield   


Head of Academic Music

James Deveson

Physical Education and Sports Science

Head of Physical Education and Sports Science

Poppy Hawkins

Teaching staff

Rupes Kitzinger, Danielle McFarlane, Michael Owen, Nicola Payne-Cook and Ann Spavin


Head of Politics

Daisy Cragg

Teaching staff

Nick Belfitt, Philip Craven and Sarah Webb


Head of Psychology

Jess Denniff

Teaching staff

Angus Head, Angus MacDonald, Emma Millo, and Hugo Wilson

Science Department

Head of Science

Arthur Kattavenos

Head of STEM Research and Outreach

Gareth Lewis


Head of Biology

Sandy Blampied

Teaching staff

Mark Bryan, Olivia Firek, Simon Firek, Gareth Lewis, Chris Metcalfe, Anthoula Petrovic and Victoria Turner 


Head of Chemistry

Dr Stevan Simonovic

Teaching staff

Alex Burford, Saira Ahad Mughal, Helen Price and Hannah Simmons


Head of Physics

Tim Reade

Teaching staff

Alan Bates, Liam Duffy, Arthur Kattavenos, James Knight and Hester Pretorius

Theology and Philosophy

Head of Theology and Philosophy

Anna Jeffrey

Teaching staff

Christopher Stoltz, Tom Wade, Hugo Wilson, Ashleigh Bishop, Lydia Shephard and Anna Jeffrey

Theory of Knowledge

Head of Theory of Knowledge

Kathryn Brazier

Teaching staff

William Flint Cahan, Toby Parker and Simon Bland 


Head of Wellbeing

Clare Grant