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Art and/or Design Technology Scholarships

Scholarships offered in these subjects reflect significant creative or innovative talent and an independence of thought.

Haileybury is particularly interested in hearing from pupils who have the passion, technique and creativity to stretch themselves, push the boundaries and contribute to the artistic and creative life of the school.

At Haileybury, there is no house style – pupils are encouraged to explore a range of styles and media, to develop their own personal style and aesthetic.

Scholars gain significantly from the additional enrichment they receive. This may include:

  • Trips to museums, galleries, art schools and universities
  • Lectures from experts in their respective field
  • Nationally-recognised competitions
  • Extended use of the School’s facilities.

Art and/or Design Technology Scholars are those who really show the potential to offer significant capability and innovation. The qualities we seek from potential Scholars include some or all of the following:

  • A solid portfolio of material showing a real interest, technical capability and creative flair
  • An ability to think differently or objectively about the world around them
  • A fundamental interest in Art or Design Technology and the eloquence to talk around or about subjects they are interested in
  • Evidence of success