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Pupil Leadership and Voice

At every stage in their Haileybury career pupils are encouraged to take on roles of responsibility and to develop their leadership skills. Service to others is a central tenet of a Haileybury education and our pupils are challenged to work in teams, lead others and grow as individuals; always seeking to give back to the wider community.

The pupil school leaders are known as College Prefects (CPs). They are appointed by the Master and safeguarding trained, and they help with the day to day running of the School.  In addition to the Heads of School and Deputy Heads of School, current CP posts include:

Head of House
Academic, Sport or Arts
Peer Support & Wellbeing
Diversity and Inclusion
Charities and Service
Lower School
Activities & Events
Admissions & Marketing

Pupil voice is extremely important and there are many opportunities for pupils to have their say: Food committee, Senate, pupil surveys, in-house committees and whole school committees, regular meetings of the CPs with the Master, Deputy Master, and Head of Sixth Form, to name but a few. House Prefects are appointed to help in the day to day running of the House under the pupil Head of House. There is also a comprehensive system of Peer Supporters across each house, led by the Wellbeing CPs and overseen by the Deputy Head (Safeguarding and Wellbeing.)