fbpx Sustainability - Haileybury


Academic excellence, sustainably delivered.

Haileybury is developing a long-term sustainability strategy encompassing all areas of school life. As part of the switch to a low carbon society and the creation of a more sustainable world in all senses, this strategy will be centred on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and will specifically focus on:

  • Ensuring academic excellence for teaching, research and innovation within a sustainably aware curriculum.
  • Reducing carbon emissions to zero and improving energy self-sufficiency.
  • Protecting and enhancing the biodiversity, ecology and grounds of Haileybury.
  • Promoting a sustainable culture and practice across the whole Haileybury

Community, in all areas of school life, focusing on a positive social impact and service to others.

  • Ensuring partnerships, investments and development are all aligned with sustainability.