fbpx Pastoral Staff - Haileybury

Housemistress/Housemaster (HM)

The resident HM runs each of the houses and is responsible for all aspects of the lives of up to about 70 pupils in their care.

Assistant HM (AHM)

The AHM deputises for the HM when they are not in the house or have time off, and is jointly responsible for the pupils.

Resident Tutor (RT)

The RT lives in the building in separate accommodation, and helps to look after the house at times when the HM is off-duty.


The Chaplain is a key member of the pastoral team, working closely with the Deputy Master to support all members of the Haileybury community.


The matron assists in the smooth running of the house including laundry, domestics, medical issues and pastoral support.


A number of academic tutors are attached to the house as part of the academic and pastoral team. They are on duty at various times during the week to assist the HM and support the pupils.


The Counsellor is a registered psychotherapist and counsellor, available during the working week for individual or group appointments.

Head of Wellbeing

The Head of Wellbeing works closely with the Deputy Master to coordinate the school’s approach.

Head of Boarding

The Head of Boarding works closely with the Deputy Master to coordinate the school’s approach to pastoral care and boarding, and works closely with all members of the pastoral team, in particular the HMs.