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Spiritual Life & the Chapel

The Chapel and Chaplaincy

The magnificent Chapel sits at the physical and spiritual heart of the life of the School, which The Reverend Christopher Stoltz runs. He also offers pastoral care to pupils, teaching staff, and support staff, regardless of their faith commitments or lack thereof. He can be contacted at any time and for any matter: spiritual, personal, or otherwise.

Throughout the week, there are numerous services for the school community as we host baptisms, confirmations, weddings, funerals, and memorial services. The rhythm of our communal life is sustained by daily services each morning, which allow each person the space to listen to readings, sing, pray, and reflect on topics and themes relevant to all members of the School.

The Chapel is both a sacred space set aside for the worship of almighty God as well as a place of inclusion and invitation to every Haileyburian. Each person who enters it will respond differently to it and to what goes on within it, and this is entirely consistent with chaplaincy that seeks both to engage the mind and enrich the heart.


The basic weekly pattern of services during term time are as follows:

Sunday 9 am Eucharist / Holy Communion / Mass

Monday to Friday 8.30 am Chapel

Monday 8 am Eucharist / Holy Communion / Mass

Wednesday 8.45 pm Compline