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Spiritual Life & the Chapel

At the physical and spiritual centre of school life is the Chapel, designed by Sir Athur Blomfield and built in 1877.

With regular morning services for the whole school, prayer groups, confirmation club and other important Christian festivals, all led by the school Chaplain, the Chapel supports the journey of discovery, exploration and faith of all pupils.

Those of all faiths – or none – are equally welcomed into Chapel and the school as a whole, where tolerance and respect are expected pre-requisites. The Chapel and Christian ethos is central to the school’s ideals of service and inclusivity.

The centre of spiritual life

At Haileybury, Chapel is the centre of spiritual life and most days start with a whole School service that is Christian in style, but inclusive of other faiths.

In addition to collective morning Chapel, there are three voluntary services of Holy Communion each week.

These are held on Tuesday and Friday mornings and on Thursday evening.

Sunday services

On Sundays, there are a variety of services.

During term-time there is a celebration of Holy Communion at 8:15 am and on the first Sunday after the start of each half-term there is a School Service for all boarders.

Most weekends close with the boarding community gathering in Chapel for a short evening service at 9pm.

Parents and visitors are welcome to attend all School Services, Late Evening Chapels and Public Carol Services.

Chapel Services

The full list of services at Chapel are shown below.

Sunday 8:15 am The Eucharist
10:30 am The School Service (Beginning each half term)
9:00 pm Evening Chapel (see Calendar for details)
Monday 8:35 am Lower School Chapel
8:35 am Lists for Middles and Upper School
Tuesday 7:30 am The Eucharist
8:35 am Middle and Upper School Chapel
Wednesday 8:35 am Middle and Upper School Chapel
8:35 am Lower School Chapel in LS
Thursday 8:35 am Middle and Upper School Chapel
Friday 8:35 am Middle and Upper School Chapel
8:35 am Lower School Chapel in LS
Saturday 12:00 pm The Eucharist (Tea/Coffee/Biscuits afterwards)

More about the Chapel

To find out more about the Chapel, the Chaplain and our services at the Chapel, please click on the links below: