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High Performance Programme

The HPP enables our most able, promising, ambitious and committed athletes to realise their full sporting potential, including playing at regional and national level.

The High Performance Programme is designed to facilitate our pupil athletes to achieve their maximum potential. Through a carefully designed and monitored blend of enrichment and physical development, on top of the already high-quality Programmes offered by our Directors of Sport, we provide a structured platform so they can work efficiently and effectively towards their goals. We aim to create an elite environment within the school setting which provides a strong educational foundation for what is required to succeed at the very highest levels of sports performance. All Sports Scholars will be invited into the HPP by The Director of Sport, however, additionally at the discretion of the individual Directors of Sport, pupils may be added to the Programme when deemed appropriate.

The High Performance Programme is overseen by our Assistant Director of Sport, who plays an important role in managing the school work-sport-life balance of many of our young athletes. Working closely with the Head of Athletic Development to make sure that pupils are appropriately conditioned and provided with tailored S&C programmes, they also drives the enrichment side of the HPP, which encompasses education on topics such as Nutrition, Sleep, S&C, Mindset and Psychology, culture and values, leadership, teamwork, performance-lifestyle and time management as well as Video analysis.

As a member of the High Performance Programme you will receive:

  • Weekly individual or small group technical, tactical and video analysis sessions led by our extraordinary team of world-class sporting directors.
  • Tailored sports mentoring sessions by a specific member of the Directors of Sport team
  • Full access to the Enrichment Programme and be expected to attend a range of talks, lectures and seminars covering the topics listed above.
  • Access to the Athletic Development Centre and provided with sport specific training Programme

At Haileybury we recognise the importance of communicating with external clubs and organisations. Therefore we maintain close liaison with relevant sporting governing bodies, clubs and counties to ensure the Programme marries up with what is expected of our pupils when they are playing at the highest levels in sport. This is also important to minimise the risk of overtraining and burn out.

Whilst we provide expert one to one coaching and advice for pupils in our focus sports – rugby, hockey, cricket and netball – we also offer support in and out of school for our pupils whose talents lie in more specialist sporting areas such as fencing, judo, equestrian and skiing.