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Model United Nations (MUN)

Haileybury Model United Nations (MUN) is one of Haileybury’s most prominent co-curricular activities and has gained an excellent reputation, both nationally and internationally. It is essentially a role-playing exercise in which young people simulate the real United Nations.

Pupils act as delegates from particular countries, and represent those countries’ views in various committees. Their aim is to construct and pass resolutions which deal with assorted problems faced by the world.  Participation in MUN is an excellent way for pupils to develop their debating skills, awareness of international affairs, and confidence.  The activity is also primarily pupil-led, providing excellent opportunities for Sixth Formers, in particular, to develop their leadership skills.

“MUN introduced me to some friends from across the world who I’m still talking to today, long after the conference. It lets you meet so many people in an atmosphere of intense but sociable debate. I love participating in this conference involving hundreds of people from countless backgrounds, united by our interest in a better future.”

James, Upper Sixth – Deputy Secretary General 2024

Haileybury’s Conference

In March each year, Haileybury welcomes around 700 visitors from all over the world to HMUN, which is one of the largest of its type in the country. HMUN is frequently visited by schools in North America, the Middle East, Europe, and Northern Africa. 

One of the great strengths of MUN at Haileybury is that it is pupil-led, with everyone playing a key role in organising our own annual MUN conference. Around 250 Haileybury pupils are involved in the conference, not only as delegates, but also in writing the agenda, chairing committees, presiding over the General Assembly, and helping in all sorts of ways to enable the conference to run smoothly.


Pupils visit other conferences during the year from Benenden in Kent to The Hague in The Netherlands. This academic year, over 80 pupils are set to attend conferences putting into practice the skills they learn over the year. 

“Participating in MUN at Haileybury has provided me with an excellent opportunity to meet other students, grow my confidence and improve my public speaking skills. Over the past few years, I’ve been a part of our own HMUN conference, and every year, I have a wonderful experience speaking to new people, collaborating with other delegates and having a laugh. Through writing resolutions, I have also been able to improve my research skills, which has been hugely beneficial both inside and outside of the classroom.”

Blu, Uppers Sixth – Secretary General 2024

Benenden MUN in Kent offers the chance for our younger pupils to experience an external conference. This one day conference has run for many years and is a great opportunity for pupils to practise their skills on a variety of topics.

Wycombe Abbey MUN allows our older pupils to experience a two day conference on a variety of topics. The conference includes an exciting “highland ball” which the pupils attend in between the two days of debate.

The Hague International Model United Nations is the largest and most prestigious international conference in the world. Haileybury has attended the conference for decades and offers pupils the best experience to practise their debating and negotiation skills.