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Coghill and Adventure Skills

Coghill is the collective title for the co-curricular activities established at Haileybury specifically for Removes (Year 9). It is a valuable introduction to the Haileybury ethos with training in life skills and personal development and leads to nationally recognised qualifications.

Groups undertaking Coghill learn a range of skills including first aid, navigation, swimming survival, leadership, teamwork and expedition skills.

Coghill is named after former Haileyburian Nevill Coghill, VC, 1st Battalion 24th Regiment of Foot. Lieutenant Coghill was killed, aged 26, going to the aid of a fellow officer at Buffalo River while trying to save the Queen’s Colours after the disaster of Isandhlwana, Natal, in the Zulu War of 1879. For this gallant action he was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross.

The Adventure Skills programme is a non-uniformed Outdoor Education alternative to the CCF which runs in the Middles and Fifths (Years 10 and 11). The programme aims to expose pupils to adventurous activities and controlled risk, in order to develop leadership, confidence, teamwork and physical fitness. Activities include mountain biking (through the many trails in and around the school campus), canoeing, self-defence, camp-craft, outdoor cooking, expeditions, climbing and first aid.