fbpx Waste and Transport - Haileybury

Waste and Transport

Achievements to date

  • The Estates team are working with our waste management partners, Grundon, on a new recycling system. This is currently in a trial phase in two Boarding Houses
  • All departments who have a high printing volume have been identified and have been challenged to reduce their amount of printing by 50% year on year
  • Any furniture that is replaced will now be reused, rehomed or recycled. Noting is sent to landfill
  • All events now use QR codes for programmes and information to reduce the amount of printing
  • A partnership has been created with Golden Boy Coaches to ensure minimum pollution and to work together on moving forward as quickly as possible to zero-carbon
  • A Bike to Work scheme has been launched.

Actions planned

  • A visit to Grundon waste processing facility for pupils and staff is planned for pupils to follow the Haileybury waste journey
  • School wide 50% reduction of printing Sept 22 to Sept 23
  • Have a minibus fleet of electric vehicles
  • Ban on non-biodegradable wipes on site September 2023
  • Ban on water in single-use plastic bottles September 2023
  • Ban on single-use plastics September 2023
  • All the old uniforms will be given to charity for re-use.
  • An Electric Car scheme for staff will be introduced.