fbpx Senior girls swim to victory at nationals - Haileybury

Senior girls swim to victory at nationals

In the world of competitive swimming, victory is often measured in milliseconds, and triumph is reserved for those who push their limits beyond what seems possible. Haileybury Swimming has once again proven their mettle, showcasing unwavering determination and reigning victorious at the prestigious Bath & Otter Cup.

On March 1 2024, amidst the electrifying atmosphere of the London Olympic Aquatic Centre, our senior girls’ medley relay squad etched their names in the annals of swimming history. Maja, Alice, Ade and Laura, a tenacious and talented quartet, were crowned national champions.

Having secured their berth in the finals with unwavering resolve, our girls unleashed a display of sheer brilliance, propelled by cheers echoing poolside. In a heart-stopping final that left spectators on the edge of their seats, the girls notched a personal best time of 2.07.25 to not only clinch victory, but also secured them the national title for the second consecutive year.

Senior girls’ medley relay team swims to victory in Lane 4

The triumph at the Bath & Otter Cup is only one example of our School’s strong swimming programme. In the weeks leading up to this win, our swimmers showcased their drive at the Hertfordshire Schools Swimming League Finals, where Isla, Ade, Laura, and Alice emerged as county champions in backstroke, butterfly, freestyle and breaststroke respectively.

“Our swimmers have navigated this season with unwavering resolve. Through countless early morning training sessions and gruelling workouts, they have honed their technique and power, deservedly defending their crown.” – Mrs Kate Liddiard Head of Swimming

Beyond the medals and accolades, what we are most proud of is the camaraderie and support that defines the essence of Haileybury Swimming. From Lower School to Upper Sixth, our swimmers all share a passion and drive for excellence. Congratulations are extended to all of our swimmers who have exemplified dedication throughout the 2023/24 season.