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MUN 2023 FAQ

  • How do I register for the conference?

    All registration for the conference is done online through the Haileybury MUN registration form. If this is your first Haileybury MUN conference, please contact us. Invitation letters for the 2023 conference were sent out in June. If you would like to attend, but did not receive one, please contact us.

  • How much does it cost to attend?

    The conference fee is £68 per delegate, with no charge for staff or external Chairs. This includes dinner on Friday and Saturday, and lunch on Saturday and Sunday, as well as transport to our partner hotels. Hotels are booked separately.

  • Where is the conference held?

    The conference is held at Haileybury College, an independent boarding school just north of London. The postcode is SG13 7NU. The Haileybury school website has an excellent page on how to get here by road, rail or air.

  • Do you provide accommodation?

    Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate our visitors on site and do not have any input in the accommodation booking process. We provide coach transport to and from local hotels, such as the Cheshunt Travelodge and Ware Premier Inn, the cost of which is included in the conference fee.

  • What age of pupils is your conference aimed at?

    Haileybury MUN is aimed at secondary school (high school) students of the ages 11-18.

  • Can I attend the conference on my own, or do I have to come with my school?

    All delegates and Chairs must come as part of a school group, accompanied by at least one teacher or other responsible adult.

  • Is there a maximum or minimum group size?

    Each delegation comprises 6 or 7 pupils, but it doesn’t matter if a delegation isn’t completely filled (although a delegation with fewer than three delegates would be rather difficult). Schools are welcome to apply for as many delegations as they wish, subject to us having space available.

  • Do you accept delegates from overseas?

    Yes. All those with a sufficient standard of English to particpate in debate are welcome to attend. If you require an invitation letter for visa purposes, we will be happy to produce this for you once we have allocated your delegations (in November), and the names of those attending have been confirmed.

  • Does it matter if I haven’t done MUN before?

    We aim to make Haileybury MUN an excellent conference for both new and experienced delegates. The standard of debate is high, but we also work hard to be accessible to first-time delegates. The Delegates’ Guide, published a few months before the conference, contains a wealth of useful information, and our Chairs also write Research Reports, containing key information about the topics being debated, to help you prepare for the conference. During the course of the weekend, the Chairs will also be happy to help in any way they can – just send them a note during committee.

  • How do I prepare for the conference?

    Before coming to Haileybury MUN, you should carefully research each of the topics to be debated in your committee, as well as the views of the country you will be representing. Most delegates write a resolution on one of the topics (some less experienced delegates choose not to; a few write resolutions on more than one topic). In January, we will publish research reports, written by the committee Chairs, which should provide a good starting point for your research, as well as the Delegates’ Guide, which contains more details on how to prepare.

  • What is the dress code?

    Model United Nations is a formal simulation, and so a formal dress code applies. Full details can be found in the Delegates’ Guide.

  • How can I apply to Chair at the conference?

    If you wish to Chair, ask your advisor to apply through our registration system. Once they have filled in the form, your advisor will receive an e-mail notification, and be able to confirm your allocation. The deadline for applications is November 2022, and we will let you know if you have been successful by January 2023.


  • How do you use my personal data?

    Personal data provided through our website is used for the administration of the Haileybury MUN conference. For full details, please see our privacy information page.