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Middle School

Middle School pupils are encouraged to think about themselves as learners and to understand their learning profile.

Whilst the Middle School culminates in the taking of (I)GCSEs or GCSEs, the curriculum in the Removes year group is equally important.


Pupils continue with a similar core to that studied in the Lower School but they can start to make more ambitious choices regarding the languages they study and their creative arts programme.

Our core curriculum retains an element of stability but a pupil at this point may wish to take on three languages, for example, or may wish to study art for a significant proportion of their timetable.

The Removes year is not a pre-GCSE year. We do not start GCSE courses at this stage. Rather, we provide a curriculum that is designed to encourage pupils to find joy in their subjects.

GCSE pathways

All pupils will study Mathematics, and all will be examined at the end of the Fifths. Similarly, all pupils will study both English Language and English Literature, and will be examined in both at the end of their GCSE years. All pupils will also study Science, which will be taught as Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

The Optional Curriculum is designed to be customised to match the individual pathways of every pupil. Modern Languages is not a compulsory subject but it is expected that most pupils will study a language.

There is no expectation that every pupil will study a humanity but most pupils opt to study Geography, History or Religious Studies.

The curriculum is strengthened through the Extension Curriculum. Modules include the study of the Global Awareness Project. Fantastic preparation for Sixth Form studies, this project encourages pupils to think, challenge and probe, considering subject-specific knowledge in an inter-disciplinary context. There is also a Study Skills Module which will focus on long-term memory, examination literacy and revision strategies.


Haileybury is one of the most experienced and successful International Baccalaureate (IB)  schools in the UK.

We offer our Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13) pupils the option to study for the IB Diploma, a very popular qualification. In preparation, our pre-IB course is offered to those pupils joining Haileybury in Fifths (Year 11) as the first year of a three year course.

At the end of the pre-IB year, pupils are awarded IGCSE and GCSE qualifications, and for the following two years of the Sixth Form, they will study for the IB Diploma.