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Strength and Conditioning

Whilst in its infancy, Strength and Conditioning at Haileybury has already become an integral part of school life.

The programme takes a holistic approach to youth athletic development, by laying solid foundations at the early stages of the school, before systematically challenging the pupils to reach their potential.


The S&C programme runs all year round and is available for all students to access in an academic week. Individuals will join for a variety of reasons ranging from enhancing athletic performance to generally improving health and wellbeing.

  • High Performance Programme – regularly scheduled S&C contact time with one-to-one or small group based sessions in the Sixth Form
  • Sports Teams – team based sessions are offered for various sports across all the main school year groups
  • Drop-In Sessions – those not involved in any of the above (or in addition to) can attend drop-in sessions that are scheduled twice a week
  • Lower-School – S&C is integrated into the Lower Schools PE and Games programme, in a unique and fun fashion.


Sessions take place both in and outside of the gym depending on the needs of the pupils. That being said, there are two main facilities that are used in the school S&C programme:

  • Weights room – primarily used for our S&C sessions. Well equipped with a squat rack, lifting platform, dumbbells, plyometric boxes and various other strength training equipment
  • Fitness suite – primarily on the rehabilitation side of the programme, equipped with a mixture of weight stacked machines, cable pulleys and cardio equipment.