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Strength and conditioning

Strength and conditioning at Haileybury is an integral part of school life.

The programme takes a holistic approach to youth athletic development, laying strong foundations at the early stages of school life, before systematically challenging pupils to reach their full potential.

Our Head of Athletic Development, Miss Daniels, oversees the strength and conditioning programme for the whole school. The programme is run for all pupils to access within the academic week. Individuals participate in the programme for a variety of reasons ranging from enhancing their athletic performance to improving their general health and wellbeing. All sessions take place within the Athletic Development Centre (ADC) which embodies a professional, coached environment.

The various facets of strength and conditioning include:

  • The High Performance Programme – tailored, sport specific programmes delivered to our top athletes under the supervision of our expert coaches. These will take place on a one-to-one or small group basis.
  • Sports Teams – our leading sports teams are given at least one weekly session in the ADC depending on the sport and age group during the season. There may also be additional pre- and post-season training sessions to maximise athletic development
  • Drop-in Sessions – these are times blocked out in the week where pupils are able to come in a work through sessions planned by Miss Daniels to aid with their physical development and athletic abilities. It also allows those who are not associated with team sports to access the facility. 
  • Physio and rehabilitation – this is overseen by our physiotherapist and Miss Daniels. This allows injured athletes a quick and personal recovery process.
  • Lower School – strength and conditioning is becoming an increasingly important part of the Lower School PE and games programme, coordinated by the Assistant Director of Sport for Lower School. It is a unique and fun experience which drives fundamental movement skills and physical literacy for the pupils.


Sessions are performed both in and outside of a gym setting. However, the main setting for strength and conditioning is the Athletic Development Centre. This is a state of the art facility which provides all the tools for young athletes to maximise their physical potential.

We also possess a more traditional Fitness Suite, which is open to pupils at set times of the day. It is equipped with a mixture of weight stacked machines, cable pulleys and cardio equipment.