fbpx Rackets - Haileybury

Played at only 14 schools in the country, Rackets is a faster version of squash enjoyed by girls and boys throughout the school.

Essentially squash with a golf ball that travels up to 180mph, frustrating yet addictive, Rackets is perhaps the hardest sport most people will ever try. Requiring the racket-handling skills of tennis or squash and the hardball timing of hockey, cricket or golf, it is the ultimate ball sport.

It develops not only the transferrable physical skills of balance, footwork and hand-eye co-ordination, but also the qualities of resilience, determination and problem-solving so central to success in all aspects of life.

Just as importantly, though, rackets plays an invaluable pastoral and social role for members of the club. The office provides a sanctuary away from the bustle of school life and the pupils’ busy academic schedules, building a ‘rackets family’ not only between years within the school, but between all the schools on the circuit – Eton, Harrow, St Paul’s, Tonbridge, Wellington, Winchester, Charterhouse, Cheltenham, Clifton, Rugby, Radley, Malvern and Marlborough – all of whom we play during the winter and at the National Championships at The Queen’s Club in London in the weeks before Christmas and Easter.

Haileybury boasts some of the best young players in the country, a trend that will only continue with the growing Lower School club and a number of strong intakes to come in the next few years.

We are also incredibly proud of our OH, Tom Billings, who has been ranked No.1 in the world, holder of every major championship, singles and doubles, and is challenging for the World Singles Championships in November 2019.

There is also a growing club of OHs, parents and local sportsmen and women who play on Saturday mornings and in the evenings, so please contact our Professional, Graeme Tyndall, for any information (g.tyndall@haileybury.com) or follow us on Twitter (@HbyRackets).