fbpx Lacrosse - Haileybury


From modest beginnings and competing in the Small Schools League, our girls have now gone on to compete successfully in the National Schools Lacrosse Championships.

Lacrosse is a two-term sport at Haileybury where the girls can compete in both the Autumn and Spring term. The continued growth in popularity of lacrosse and the accessibility enables us to have teams representing in each age group from U12-U19. Across the season we take part in the major lacrosse events which include County tournaments and the National Schools Tournament.

Lacrosse is a fast-paced, athletic and skilled team sport which is constantly evolving and developing. At Haileybury, lacrosse is about individual and team development in a fun and energetic environment. We endeavour to provide an inclusive environment where pupils can develop their physical skills at any level with the ‘Haileybury Core Values’ at the heart of every session.

To learn more about our forthcoming matches, recent results as well as our Sports Scholarships and High Performance Programme, please follow the links below: