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Participation in the Beautiful Game has grown over the last few years at Haileybury with the development of dedicated programmes for both boys and girls.

As well as our expert staff who are on hand to help the pupils’ football fixtures and training, several Tottenham Hotspurs coaches come in to help train our pupils from Lower School all the way to the first XI team. The Spurs coaches impart their ‘DNA’ and style of play to the pupils and this allows every pupil to get plenty of touches on the ball, as well as exposure to technically challenging drills.

Coaching programme

Main school

Haileybury offers two terms of football for the girls in each academic year. In the Autumn term, the team will train and play for 90 minutes on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons and play fixtures in different competitions such as the district cup, county cup and ISFA national cup. In the Summer term, football training takes place for for two hours on  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons and the U15 team and the U18 team will get the opportunity to play in multiple friendly matches.

Boys play football in the second term. Haileybury is part of an independent league involving eight teams such as Harrow, Dulwich and Epsom. There are usually enough pupils participating in football to have three teams in Removes (Year 9), four teams in Middles (Year 10), four teams in Fifths (Year 11) and six teams in Sixth form. All players regularly participate in fixtures on Saturday afternoons, and selected A teams are also entered into national ISFA competitions.

Lower School

Girls benefit from an hour of coaching during the girls’ weekly PEG sessions on Monday afternoons. Additionally, our year-round football activity is very popular and girls get the opportunity to play competitive football matches on Wednesday afternoons as part of the district league.

Boys play football for a half term on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, as well as Saturday mornings. We have six Lower School boys teams who play regular fixtures against local schools, and the A team also competes in the ISFA national cup.


Haileybury has 15 grass football pitches during the Spring term including our showcase pitch on Terrace. There are also numerous other grass facilities onsite for training purposes. On occasion, players will use the 4G pitch at Wodson Park to allow them to train in any weather throughout the year.


This year, the Main School boys visited St George’s Park for a pre-season tour. The Lower School are planning to go the Manchester City for a mid season tour next year.


Fixtures, results and other information

To learn more about our forthcoming matches, recent results as well as our Sports Scholarships and High Performance Programme, please follow the links below: