fbpx Geography - Haileybury



The course is split into three papers, with two worth 35% and lasting 90 minutes with the other worth 30% and lasting 75 minutes.

Paper 1 (Physical) looks at Natural Hazards (tectonic, tropical storms and climate change), The Living World (ecosystems, tropical rainforest and hot deserts) and UK Physical Landscapes (rivers and coasts).

Paper 2 (Human) covers Urban Areas (both in the UK and in the developing world), the Changing Economic World (both in the UK and in the developing world) and the challenges of resource management.

Fieldwork, issue evaluation and geographical skills are tested in paper 3, with these aspects covered throughout the course. Completing fieldwork is a requirement of the course and so pupils spend two days in Middles away from school conducting this research.

Each year a voluntary overseas trip is run in October half term of Fifths. In 2020 this will likely be to Iceland where pupils can climb glaciers, explore lava caves, gaze at magnificent waterfalls, bathe in geothermally heated water and see first-hand the impacts of volcanic eruptions.