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(I)GCSE Results

Haileybury is delighted to announce outstanding (I)GCSE results for its 2023 cohort of pupils.

We are extremely proud of the outstanding performance of (I) GCSE pupils at Haileybury in the Summer 2023 exams:

  • 81% of grades awarded at 9/8/7/A*/A;
  • Nearly a fifth of all of our (I)GCSE pupils achieved straight 9/8/A* grades.

As has been widely reported in the media, nationally the standard of the 2023 (I)GCSEs has been reset to the 2019 standard. Haileybury’s results are significantly better than those achieved in 2019 or, indeed, any other non-pandemic year, with 81% of grades awarded at 9/8/7/A/A and 55% awarded at 9/8/A. Twenty five pupils, which is nearly a fifth of the cohort, achieved straight 9/8/A* grades.

The Master, Martin Collier, commented: “This is a fantastic set of (I)GCSE results. Our Fifths pupils have worked really hard and they deserve their success. That these (I)GCSE results are, by some distance, the best in the School’s history (pandemic years aside) is testament to the extraordinary efforts of pupils and staff. I congratulate them all.” 

“I believe that my results are a clear testament to the immense and wide ranging support I have received throughout the year by teachers and pastoral staff alike, which has allowed me to grow massively on a personal and academic level in the last year. The results especially please me as they allow me to now take on the next academic years with a heightened sense of security regarding what I actually am able to achieve academically.” Hans

“I’m so pleased with my GCSE results!! I’m very grateful to my teachers and Haileybury in general for the help and support I have received throughout. It’s great to have been able to have had an enriching experience at the school while also achieving the results that I did. I can’t wait for sixth form here!”Lucy

“For me personally, my results show that with hard work in the environment I am in, anything is possible. I am extremely excited for my sixth form journey and I’m determined to make a positive impact on the Haileybury community. I’m also certain that the passion for knowledge Haileybury has instilled in me will stay with me for the rest of my life.” –Tejas

“I was very surprised and was overjoyed when I got the top grade for some subjects that used to be one of my weaknesses. I think these (I)GCSE results very well conclude my fruitful learning at Haileybury for the past two years, as I reflect on not only the knowledge I gained, but also the amazing teaching and support my teachers and friends have given me. I see them as an impress of the difficulties I have overcome and encouragement for the upcoming two years. I am very grateful for all the learning opportunities given and relationships I have built at Haileybury so far.” – Summer

“I am proud of my results and really pleased that the efforts of the last two years of work produced positive results.  I was able to feel more relaxed during study leave because the course content was taught and reviewed so thoroughly alongside the unwavering support of every teacher just an email away, and believe this helped a lot in the exams. My results have increased my confidence in the subjects I have chosen for IB next year, and I look forward to the beginning of Sixth Form.” – Adeola

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