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A Level Results

Updated on Thursday 17/08/23

The A level results which were issued today are the best in the School’s history of years when grades were awarded at the ‘normal’ (i.e. the non-pandemic years) standard. The combined A level/IBDP results are also the best achieved by our pupils when grades were awarded at the ‘normal’ standard with 86% of grades awarded at A* – B or the IBDP equivalent.

The Master, Martin Collier, commented: “Even though the ‘normal’ standard for the awarding of  A level and the IBDP grades has been re-established this year, the educational journey of the 2023 Upper Sixth was not normal. That the results are so positive is testament to our pupils’ determination to achieve to the best of their ability and the outstanding efforts of the staff to help them do so.”

“I am very pleased with my results this exam series, they are a great relief but also a welcome reward for my work the past two years. The support offered by all my teachers throughout Sixth Form has been remarkable and very appreciated, particularly from the maths and physics departments. Haileybury has cultivated a positive learning environment without sidelining cocurricular activities, which in my opinion are the most formative parts of education, and I believe that part of my success in exams is due to participation in activities outside of the classroom each week, broadening my interests and encouraging independent learning outside of the curriculum. Haileybury has become a major part of my life and I will look back on my time here fondly. I am looking forward to studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bath, and to then hopefully pursue a career in the military as an engineer.”- Charles

“I am extremely proud of my results after such a great Sixth Form experience at Haileybury. These results and being at Haileybury have equipped me to be creative and explore the wide variety of learning on offer at my new home Yale. I hope to take forward the lessons I’ve learned both in class and out of class at Haileybury in my forthcoming years.” – Tabitha

I am very happy with the exam results I’ve obtained from my two years of hard work in Haileybury. Throughout my time in Haileybury, I’ve been immersed in a comprehensive learning environment which no doubt has prepared me for my next stage in life. More importantly, my HM and the teaching staff had given me enormous support and encouragement. I will look back to my years at Haileybury proudly and treasure the opportunities that I had been given to develop and enhance myself both in terms of academic and co-curriculum. In my coming years, I’m thrilled that I will be starting my next chapter in life reading Actuarial Science in LSE.  – Bridget

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