fbpx Library - Haileybury


With more than 34,000 books and a huge array of digital resources, Haileybury’s Library is the foundation of learning at the School.

Housed within William Wilkins’s classical façade of 1809, the Library is a haven of peaceful study and reflection where pupils can progress their learning and reach for new horizons.


The bulk of the Library’s physical resources are located on the ground floor, with a small gallery housing the Classics and Music sections.

The collection forms an impressive array of printed and digital matter including books, web resources, online magazines, newspapers and DVDs.

A large fiction section is arranged around comfortable seating at the rear. Managed by Softlink Europe’s Oliver library management system, the Library’s catalogue is available college-wide via the School intranet.

The library also contains desktop and laptop computers, a scanner, colour photocopier and A3 online printer.

The Library has long-played a central role in the intellectual life of the school, serving generations of Haileyburians and their teachers by lending material from its comprehensive collections.