fbpx Employment Benefits - Haileybury

Employment Benefits

As a top employer in Hertfordshire, we offer a range of benefits that make working at our School an even more rewarding experience. 


Around 95 percent of teaching staff are provided accommodation on campus, which provides a standard of living, a neighbourly community and endless convenience.

Gourmet Food

Staff are encouraged to enjoy meals in our magnificent dining hall, with lunch provided for free. Gourmet dishes are prepared by a professional catering team who always take cultural and dietary restrictions into consideration.

Our Campus

Haileybury’s grounds are some of the most exquisite and beautiful of any school in the UK. Around half the site comprises gardens, sports pitches and playing grounds, with the remainder being wood.

Access to Sports Facilities

Haileybury has a state-of-the-art swimming pool and gym facilities, which are available to staff outside of pupil timetables.

Free Parking

Our vast grounds enable us to offer free parking in designated areas to all members of staff.


We support employees by providing the devices and software they individually require to perform their job functions. Our Technology Department also offers friendly support and training.

Subsidised Café

The ‘Grubber’, our coffee shop, offers a range of cakes, confectionery, savoury items, soft drinks and freshly-made coffee at a subsidised rate for all staff.