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Haileybury presented with a Green Can Award in recognition of pupils' recycling effort

We are delighted to have received a Green Can Award, a national recycling award presented by Every Can Counts.


The award is in recognition of the can recycling initiative implemented by pupils from the Sustainability Committee, who decided to ramp up the School’s recycling efforts by installing 30 aluminium recycling boxes in common areas and Boarding Houses to encourage pupils, staff and visitors to recycle their drink cans.

In addition to receiving the Award, pupils were also able to take part in an exciting workshop led by Casting Innovations, during which they learned about the infinite recyclability and melting process of aluminium, and made their own individually designed bear keyrings from recycled aluminium.







“We feel very fortunate to have so many motivated pupils and committed staff to help push the sustainability strategy of the School, of which one aspect is recycling. It is fantastic, therefore, to team up with a company such as Every Can Counts. To win an award on top of this was very special and we are very proud of the pupils’ achievements.” Simon Heard, Deputy Master

“We’re very impressed with the efforts of the pupils at Haileybury when it comes to recycling. Their Sustainability Committee is setting an excellent example of how the younger generation can get involved to implement change and look after the environment.

Aluminium is infinitely recyclable and each and every drink can recycled could be back on the shop shelf in 60 days, so small changes, such as rolling out recycling bins at schools, really do add up to make a difference. We hope the group’s ongoing efforts inspire others within the community and the wider area to get involved to help keep the cycle going.” – Chris Latham-Warde, Programme Manager for Every Can Counts


♻ Congratulations to all the pupils involved, and thank you to Every Can Counts and Casting Innovations! ♻


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