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We would like to offer our thanks to everyone that has supported, pledged or is planning to leave a gift to Haileybury.

Current Supporters


Charlotte and Anthony Aylwin
In memory of Nicholas Saint, grandfather of Louis, Sam & Cate Aylwin

Catriona & John Dodsworth

The Foddis Family

Mr Sami Kahale and Mrs Simona Falciai

Vivien & Craig Smiley

Sarah and Andrew Thompson

Florian & Josephine Wendelstadt

Friends of Haileybury

Nick Gilbert (house tbc, 01)

Chris Lowe (Lawrence, 67)

Charles Sherwood

Helen & Chris Stibbs

Sir Clive Martin OBE (Kipling, 54)

Michael Poynter (Batten, 71)

Nigel Richardson (tbc)

Amy Ledingham

Susie Martin

Jim Thornton

Vivienne Thornton

Sara & Jamie Richardson

Gisbert Reuhl

Peter Thomas (Allenby, 80)

Peter Bray (Kipling 65)


John Berry (Edmonstone, 48)

David Smyth (Hailey, 46)

Michael Thomas (Trevelyan, 51)

William Frend (Thomason, 34)

Peter Wheeler (ISC(A), 35)

John Tomson (Colvin 27)

Gerald Bird (ISC(B), 35)

David Tschaikowsky (Melvill, 49)

Brian Donner (Trevelyan, 37)

Martin Domayne-Hayman (Thomason, 40)

Thomas Tyrwhitt-Drake (Bartle Frere, 45)

Evelyn Stuart-Williams (Lawrence, 28)

Jon Prance (Kipling, 57)

David Pentreath (Allenby, 51)

James Douglas (Bartle Frere, 37)

Richard Burgess (ICS(C), 42)

Nigel Broomfield (Batten 54)

Alan Batten (Trevelyan, 35)

Bernard Stroud (Kipling, 46)

Ronald Borner (Colvin, 30)

Anthony Fowler (Batten, 44)

Cyril Tite (Batten, 32)

Robert Clutterbuck (Bartle Frere, 37)

John Smith (Lawrence, 34)

Frank Russell Dore (Hailey, 1908)

John Hall (Lawrence & Allenby, 1942)

Edward Symes (ICS(C), 36)

John Filmer (Hailey, 51)

John Chick

Richard Rice (Bartle Frere, 40)

Paul Smyth (Lawrence, 55)

Susan Werner

Barry Thomas