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Leaving a Legacy

Writing a Will is a very personal choice. In making your Will, having naturally considered your family and loved ones first, we hope you may consider supporting Haileybury.

If you choose to leave a legacy, any such bequest will be free from Inheritance Tax.

A legacy designated for the general purposes of Haileybury is the most useful type of gift as it enables us to be flexible in its response to changing circumstances and to meet the most pressing needs at the time. You may also choose to direct your bequest towards a specific purpose, for example bursaries or to help finance building developments, equipment or facilities for pupils.

As your Will is one of the most important documents you will ever make, we recommend that you consult your legal advisers before drafting a new Will, update an existing one or make other plans for your estate. We are unable to offer legal or financial advice but can answer questions about legacies in general. For further information on the different types of legacy, please read the legacies page.

If you have already made arrangements you can make a simple addition by Codicil.

It is possible for UK donors with Charity Aid Foundation accounts to nominate Haileybury as a beneficiary through the CAF’s Expression of Wishes Form.

Thank you for considering including Haileybury in your Will; we are grateful for your support.