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The Oak Circle

The Oak Circle was created to recognise and celebrate the special commitment of those who choose to “plant a seed” with a legacy pledge.

A legacy gift is unique in that it costs nothing during one’s lifetime but carries an impact felt by many long into the future. 

By notifying us of your intention to leave a legacy to Haileybury, you will automatically become a member of The Oak Circle.

As a member, your commitment will be recognised in the following ways: 

  • An invitation to our Supporter Thank You event held annually at Haileybury
  • All new members will receive a welcome pack
  • The opportunity to visit the School for a private tour 
  • Receive hard copies of School publications
  • Invitations to School events throughout the year

Please complete this form to let us know of your intention to leave a legacy to Haileybury and join The Oak Circle.

When making or updating your will we strongly recommend that you consult a solicitor to ensure it is legally valid and accurately reflects your intentions.

The Development Team would be delighted to speak to you about your legacy to Haileybury. Please  email development@haileybury.com or call: +44 (0)1‌992 940 359 to speak with a member of the team.