fbpx Sixth Form pupils Wendy, Luna, Ellie and Allyson deliver over 120 pupil letters as part of Amnesty International's ‘Write for Rights’ campaign - Haileybury

Sixth Form pupils Wendy, Luna, Ellie and Allyson deliver over 120 pupil letters as part of Amnesty International's ‘Write for Rights’ campaign

Every year in December, Amnesty International’s ‘Write for Rights’ project sees supporters from across the globe write millions of letters, cards and tweets, and sign petitions for those whose basic human rights are being denied.

The latest ‘’Write for Right’ campaign focused on the right to protest. Wanting to get involved and to make a difference, Wendy, Luna, Ellie and Allyson co-ordinated for pupils from Fifths, Lower Sixth, and Upper Sixth, to write over 120 letters to 13 people whose lives have been impacted by their governments’ crackdown on this precious right, as well as to the relevant authorities to intercede on their behalf.

Wendy, Luna, Ellie and Allyson’s advocacy also encompassed educating other pupils on the work of Amnesty International, including running ‘Introduction to Human Rights’ workshops for Lower School pupils.

“Throughout the process, I’ve been able to learn more about human rights around the world and I feel honoured that Haileybury has an opportunity to make a real difference to these individuals. This event has also made me more aware of what we need to accomplish and the parts we can play in advocating for human rights.” – Wendy, Upper Sixth.

“The Write for Rights campaign was one of the highlights of my year. It showed how dedicated the school community is to help tackle injustices globally. I feel so privileged to be able to have participated in Write for Rights and I am looking forward to exceeding the amount of letters we write next year alongside reaching a greater audience.” – Luna, Lower Sixth.

“You might think that writing to someone you don’t know will make no difference, or that they won’t want to hear from you. But when you’re locked up or in fear for your life for calling out injustice, having someone tell you they believe in you matters a lot. Whoever you choose to write to, remember that they will love to hear from you. They may feel anxious and alone, and your words will bring comfort and hope to them.” – Amnesty International

Wendy and Luna chose to support the ‘Write for Rights’ campaign as part of their Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) project. The CAS programme is a component of the International Baccalaureate (IB) and involves pupils in a range of activities alongside their academic studies.

Click here for more information on the IB’s CAS programme.

Click here for more information on Amnesty International’s ‘Write for Rights’ campaign.


‘Pupils have a strong interest in, and awareness of, the world around them and the needs of others.’ – ISI Inspection, October 2022