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International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)

The IBDP curriculum provides an holistic, connected learning opportunity.

By balancing subject choices across different disciplines, pupils explore the interdisciplinary aspects of learning and understanding. Their pathways are complemented by the core of Theory of Knowledge, the Extended Essay and Creativity, Activity and Service.

Extended Essay

The Extended Essay provides the opportunity for you to produce a university-style dissertation on a subject of your choice. Highly valued by both universities and employers, the Extended Essay allows you the chance to experience true independent learning by exploring a topic that interests you, without the limitations of exams or syllabus content.

Theory of Knowledge

Theory of Knowledge is a fundamental part of what holds the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme together. Its goal is to develop you as a more effective and critical learner but also as a more interrogative thinker. The course helps you learn how to evaluate what we know, or think we know, and how we know it. It is an integral part of all of your subject areas and you will achieve a greater understanding of all areas of your academic programme because of it.

Creativity, Activity, Service

CAS requires you to take part in a range of experiences and at least one project. These should involve purposeful activities with specific outcomes that are significant to you. CAS activities represent an opportunity for experiential learning, and you are expected to reflect upon the activities you have carried out by completing a CAS journal.

There aren’t prescribed projects or activities that you have to get involved with; instead you are encouraged to be involved with activities you initiate yourself. Some example activities include: Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, running a society or club, raising money for a school charity, performing with the orchestra or choir, learning a new language, helping at a local Primary school and playing in a sports team.