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Service and volunteering

At Haileybury, we place a strong emphasis on the importance of service and volunteering in shaping the development of our pupils and nurturing their sense of global citizenship.

Our pupils actively participate in various service activities aligned with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“Volunteering is a vital driver of sustainable development, engaging people of all backgrounds and ensuring no one is left behind.”

By linking service and volunteering initiatives to the SDGs, we provide our pupils with a framework to understand the interconnectedness of global issues and inspire them to take action.

Whether it’s promoting environmental sustainability or advocating for social justice and equality, our pupils are encouraged to identify their passions and make a difference in areas that resonate with them.

Service and volunteering activities at Haileybury include a diverse range of projects and partnerships that foster collaboration, leadership, and empathy. From fundraising events for charitable causes to volunteering at local organisations, our pupils gain valuable hands-on experience and develop a deep sense of civic engagement.

Community Action Volunteering (CAV)

Our Community Action Volunteering programme is available to Sixth Form pupils on Wednesday afternoons. 

The programme provides an enriching experience for pupils, broadening their horizons and providing an enhanced sense of self-worth. The aim is for all Sixth Form pupils to undertake community service either on campus or within the community. As part of our CAV initiatives, we have partnered with the following organisations:

Our pupils support our local community to take practical steps to ensure less waste, a lower carbon footprint, less noise pollution and better air quality. From litter picking to working in the allotment or at the local Village Hall, our pupils enjoy being part of the community and contributing to its development and wellbeing. These activities align with Sustainable Development Goal 11: Make cities and communities safe, resilient, and sustainable. Activities like teaching Sign Language at the local Village Hall also contribute to the community development and support this goal.

Mudlarks is a Hertford-based charity supporting adults with learning disabilities and mental health concerns. Our pupils support Mudlarks by helping the community gardening teams at the allotment site in Hertford, the Forest School, and the cafe. The Mudlarks partnership aligns with Sustainable Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all.

Humanitas is dedicated to fighting injustice and making a tangible impact where it’s needed the most. They focus on crisis response, health care, education and community support. Our pupils have started to support their work, offering humanitarian support and creating video tutorials for children who do not have access to classes.

Drinkable Rivers runs an ambitious citizen science programme. This programme enables people to monitor the health of their rivers. Haileybury is now a Hub for the programme and our pupils will monitor the River Lea in Hertfordshire. The Drinkable Rivers citizen science program aligns with Sustainable Development Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation for all.

Volunteering at a local school is an incredibly valuable way to give back to the community and make a meaningful impact on the lives of the pupils. Our pupils volunteer in two main local schools, Roseland Primary School and Hailey Hall Boys School.  This opportunity aligns with Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education.

Other charities and organisations 

Our pupils actively engage in advocating for both local and international causes. This involvement plays a crucial role in raising awareness about important issues and encouraging meaningful discussions within our school community. By participating in these activities, our pupils significantly contribute to creating positive change in society, championing social justice, and fostering a culture of empathy, understanding, and active citizenship among their peers and beyond. These efforts not only empower our pupils to make a difference but also nurture their sense of responsibility towards the world around them.

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