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Hearts & Wings

Haileybury is delighted to have partnered with Green Frog Holidays to host Hearts & Wings, a one-week residential summer holiday for young people with disabilities.

The School welcomes 20 guests, aged between 10 and 16, for a fantastic holiday in the summer. Young holidaymakers are able to enjoy Haileybury’s outstanding facilities and spectacular grounds, as well as a wide range of fun activities and trips.

Day to day, our guests are supported by Haileybury pupil volunteers, Group Leaders and an experienced Senior Team.

Haileybury pupils and staff alike are excited to be part of the Hearts & Wings project. Our volunteers receive training from Green Frog Holidays and get involved in all aspects of the project from activities planning to fundraising.

“Haileybury is absolutely delighted to be supporting such a worthwhile venture. We hope this is the start of a long relationship with Green Frog to enable local pupils with disabilities to enjoy a week of wonderful activities and adventures, and their families to have a period of respite. The spirit of service, key to the central ethos of the School, will be much in evidence during the months ahead as we prepare for and then welcome these young people to Haileybury, with all it has to offer, for their Hearts & Wings Holiday.” – Simon Heard, Deputy Master

“I was lucky enough to take part in the Oundle Mencap Holidays many years ago. We had so much fun and I have such happy memories; the experience has stayed with me for many years since. It was truly humbling and rewarding to have the opportunity to get to know such wonderful young people who managed to overcome so many obstacles to enjoy life and always see the positive in everything they did; a lesson for us all. If you have the opportunity to get involved in the Haileybury Hearts and Wings holiday, please do… you’ll love it!”  Laura Wong 2023

Please help us provide this safe, fun holiday for children and young people with disabilities and to give parents, carers and siblings respite from full-time caring. Donations will go towards training volunteers and the provision of specialist equipment including a pop-up sensory room.

For more information about the Hearts & Wings residential holiday, please contact heartsandwings@haileybury.com

To find out more information about Green Frog Holidays, please click here.

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