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SciTech project to offer exciting astrophysics research opportunities to pupils

The SciTech project, our new science and technology centre, scheduled to open in the Autumn term 2023, will double the size of our current provision and improve our already strong science offering by providing the best possible teaching and learning opportunities in the fields of DT, Astrophysics, Science and Computer Science.


Haileybury already offers an Astrophysics pathway to Removes (Year 9) pupils, allowing them to learn and study astrophysical and physics concepts beyond the traditional IGCSE physics specification. Topics like Cosmology, the Evolution of Stars, Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity, Gravitation and Quantum Physics represent a sample of what pupils study. There is also a practical element within the course whereby pupils learn how to use telescopes, track stars and take images of them. The course allows pupils to explore innovative concepts and how these can be applied in the study of our universe. 

The new SciTech buildings will take this advanced science pathway to the next level, as pupils will have the opportunity to conduct major astrophysics research projects in Middles (Year 10) and the Sixth Form. The research arm of SciTech will include state-of-the-art labs and spaces conducive to helping pupils design both Newtonian and Radio Telescopes.

The Makerspace area, in particular, will be essential in allowing Removes and Middles pupils to design and apply Optimal Horn Radio Telescopes. These telescopes can analyse the Milky Way Galaxy by detecting 21 cm wavelengths emitted by excited hydrogen atoms. By receiving these signals, pupils can compute both the Redshift and BlueShift velocities of different parts of the Milky Way. 

The Makerspace and general project spaces available in the research building will also benefit the collaborative project work carried out in Lower School 1 (Year 7) Science (STEAM Project) and the Year 9 Innovation Course as part of the experiential element of the curriculum.

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