fbpx Rickmansworth PNEU wins Science Challenge - Haileybury

Rickmansworth PNEU wins Science Challenge

Congratulations to Rickmansworth PNEU for winning yesterday’s Haileybury Science Challenge. They gained enough winning points by coming first in the physics task and second in the chemistry task.

The Beacon were second overall, with St Hilda’s in third position. Sixty eight Year 5 pupils from 17 prep and primary schools arrived at Haileybury for the start of the challenge to discover this year’s secret theme, Harry Potter, which was revealed by the Haileybury science staff wearing gowns and witches’ hats. The theme was wonderfully illustrated through the magical mystery challenges set for the physics, chemistry and biology sections.

The physics challenge saw pupils having to build a boat or raft to hold the largest number of objects before it sunk. This was after the Millennium Bridge was destroyed by the Death Eaters, leaving the people of London stranded.

The next task set in the Haileybury School of Witchcraft and Wizardly involved potions. Professor Horace Slughorn is back teaching potions and put Harry, Hermione and Ron to work straight away, but a number of jars had lost their labels. Participants had to help identify and re-label the potions for the chemistry section of the day.

The final challenge of the day involved food, as Dumbledore drank a mind-altering liquid in order to reveal the Horcrux. The concoction made him very weak so he had to find food which gave him the most amount of energy. Participants had to test the foods and decide which would be best.

Overall standings were:

School Physics Position
1. Rickmansworth PNEU
2. The Beacon
3. Keble

School Chemistry Position
1. St Aubyn’s School
2. Rickmansworth PNEU
3. Brambletye

School Biology Position
1. Ralph Sadleir
2. St Hilda’s School
3. Duncombe School

School Overall Position
1. Rickmansworth PNEU
2. The Beacon
3. St Hilda’s School

Subject winners each received £100, while Rickmansworth PNEU, as the overall winner, received £200.