fbpx Outstanding exam success for music - Haileybury

Outstanding exam success for music

Audiences are well accustomed to the excellent standard of music-making at Haileybury, but this year’s cohort of pupils taking A Level, IB and GCSE music put on an impressive academic display in their summer examinations.

Every pupil achieved the top grade (A* or A), which was a remarkable achievement given the growing number of pupils who take music every year.

Director of Music, Peter Davis, confirmed his delight at this success, adding: "It is wonderful to see that the department’s commitment to academic excellence is bearing fruit. In a year of record-breaking GCSE results at Haileybury, it was particularly good to see the musicians playing their role with 12 grades all at A* or A.

"The pupils’ achievements at A Level have also been recognised by the exam board AQA, with four students’ portfolios of compositions in the last two years being retained by the board as examples of excellence to share with pupils and teachers at other schools."

Many Haileyburians continue their musical studies in higher education, with recent pupils winning places and scholarships at Cambridge, Exeter, Royal Holloway, Edinburgh, King’s London and the Royal College of Music.