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Our Removes displayed their Black & White artwork during a recent exhibition

Our Removes’ two and three-dimensional work has been displayed in the Middle Art Gallery last week as part of the art exhibition Black & White.

This exhibition showcased the range of artwork produced by our Removes pupils during the Autumn Term.

While in their Removes year, pupils focus on exploration and investigation. They develop their confidence, decision making as well as their practical skills and levels of enquiry within the subject. They touch on a variety of different techniques and processes in order to expand their knowledge of the subject.

The work in this exhibition has been linked through the creative evolution of an idea, taking a single subject matter and responding to it in a range of different ways.

At the beginning of the school year, the pupils drew form a still life which was constructed from nylon netting, bubble wrap, plastic cup, plastic lids and plastic bottles. In their initial, figurative drawings they developed a wide range of marks in order to express the different surfaces and textures found within the still life. These drawings were then developed into a more formulaic, stylized set of marks using black sharpie pens on large sheets of white, A3 paper which were then sliced up to form the panels found in the sculptures. Once the sculptures were constructed, they in turn were used as subject matter for the A3 black and white paintings.

Nick Gorman, Head of Art commented: “The sculptural pieces in the exhibition are collaborative works where groups of three or four pupils got together to construct their work. Influences on this work came from a number of artists including Terry Winters, Franz Klineand Constructivist Sculpture.”