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OH Chris Darnell publishes his first book

Chris Darnell, an Old Haileyburian, member of the Haileybury Council and currently President of the OH Society as well as being a Trustee, has recently had his first novel published.

The Return is the first of three planned thrillers featuring Paul Stanton, SAS. Later this year he intends to publish the second Paul Stanton thriller, The Contract, as well as a short story about Stanton and Ghurkhas. In addition, he is writing a short factual story about the Gurkhas that is due to be published by Endeavour Press in May 2012.

Chris served 30 years as an officer in the Army in the Ghurkhas and The King’s Own Scottish Borderers. During this time he saw operational service in Northern Ireland and commanded his battalion in the 1st Gulf War. He resigned from the Army as a Colonel in 1999 and worked for the next 12 years in the Defence and Technology industries.

The Return is currently available as an ebook download from Amazon priced at £0.89. It can be downloaded and read on any Kindle, iPhone, Windows PC, Mac, Blackberry, iPad, or Android device that supports the Kindle Reading Application. A full-sized trade paperback version is also available to order online.