fbpx Newton apple tree gives gravitas to SciTech hub - Haileybury

Newton apple tree gives gravitas to SciTech hub

Haileybury is honoured to accept a sapling propagated from the apple tree that inspired Sir Isaac Newton’s law of gravitation for our soon-to-open innovation center.

Named one of ten recipients by The National Trust and Blue Diamond Garden Centres, our School proudly accepted a young tree spawned from that which led to one of the world’s most significant scientific discoveries. The ten saplings were propagated from the 400-year-old Flower of Kent apple tree that remains a protected feature of Woolsthorpe Manor in Lincolnshire, the birthplace and family dwelling of the English polymath.

Simon Heard Deputy Master arranged the gift made possible thanks to the generosity of a number of parents. “We have just finished building a brand-new Science, Technology and Research Centre, where we hope pupils will learn about modern research as well as the great scientific discoveries, deductions, theories and advancements, which have taken place over the years, not least the theory of gravity,” he shared.

Although the SciTech Building is due to open in early November 2023, the precious sapling will remain under the care of Haileybury’s arborists until it can be planted in a dedication ceremony this upcoming spring. It will become a focal point and inspiration for generations of pupils to come.

Our donation to The National Trust and Blue Diamond Garden Centres goes towards supporting conservation efforts by both organisations. These initiatives align with Haileybury’s ongoing commitment to sustainability.

Listen to Deputy Master, Simon Heard’s BBC Three Counties Radio interview with Roberto Perrone (Haileybury interview from 1:15:35)