fbpx New Cafe Opens Today - Haileybury

New Cafe Opens Today

The newest addition to Haileybury's extensive facilities will be unveiled today with the opening of the new Grubber. The café will sell hot and cold drinks and snacks and, with the exception of Lower School, all pupils will be able to enjoy what's on offer at various times of the day.

This project was made possible by a generous donation from the Haileybury Society.

The Grubber will remain open throughout the day, seven days a week, so that even when refreshments are not available, with wi-fi and internet access it offers an ideal alternative for study or socialising both for staff and pupils.

Deputy Master Dr Ruth Sullivan says, "It is hoped that the facility will be well used by all members of the school community and any visitors to the school so please do pop in when you are able to do so."