fbpx MBE Honour - Haileybury

MBE Honour

Charles Monk, Senior Master at Haileybury and Contingent Commander in charge of the Combined Cadet Force, received the honour of the MBE (Military) in the New Year’s Honours List this year for his sterling services to the Haileybury CCF. Haileybury’s CCF is one of the oldest in the country, dating from 1886, and provides boys and girls with opportunities for military experience within its Army, Navy and RAF sections. Throughout its history Haileybury has produced numbers of distinguished soldiers, sailors and airmen, including General Allenby, 1st World War conquerer of Syria and liberator of the Holy Lands. The school can also boast more VCs than any other British independent school with the exception of Eton. Charles Monk, whose capacity for detailed organisation is the stuff of legends, has led the CCF at Haileybury since June 1996.