Lewis Colson wins Best Personality at Public Speaking Competition

The Haileybury team of Andreas Payne (K), Ben Phillips (Th) and Lewis Colson (Th) took part in the Hertfordshire final of the English Speaking Union’s (ESU) Public Speaking Competition on 25 February.

The team put in an outstanding performance, coming within a whisker of victory in a very close decision. However, Lewis was given the Best Personality prize for his speech on the necessity of religion, confirmed as the best speech of the night.

Involving over 400 schools and 1200 young people across Britain, the ESU’s competition provides key support for the National Curriculum in English, which requires pupils "to speak and listen confidently in a wide variety of contexts … adapting what they say and how they say it to different situations and people".

Congratulations to Lewis and the rest of the team.