fbpx Lessons in a Zombie Survival Plan From Charlie Higson - Haileybury

Lessons in a Zombie Survival Plan From Charlie Higson

Acclaimed actor, comedian and writer Charlie Higson terrified and captivated pupils, from Haileybury and local schools, in equal measure on Thursday 18 September when he gave a talk about the latest book in his bestselling zombie-adventure series for teenagers, The Hunted.

Pupils now know the history of zombies in writing and film, how to ‘kill a zombie’, who would win in zombies versus vampires and the potential for a zombie apocalypse – particularly useful skills to learn!

Charlie, who also wrote the incredibly successful Young Bond series, which has sold over a million copies in the UK, also spoke about the uniqueness of the human language and the joys of writing, encouraging pupils to unleash their creative talents by just going for it, he encouraged them with: “You may just write the bestsellers of tomorrow”.

Pupils queued patiently after Charlie’s talk clutching their new books to get them signed, before going back to lessons armed with their newfound zombie knowledge.