fbpx Lauren makes U18 county lacrosse team - Haileybury

Lauren makes U18 county lacrosse team

The Haileybury first XII lacrosse squad dominated their match against St George’s on Saturday, with Isabella Eichler, Kasita Rochanakorn and Sophie Baird all making elegant contributions to the 6-3 win.

On Sunday, Lauren Smith powered through the U18 County selections and made the B squad. The 15 year old has been playing the sport for four years.

"This is a great opportunity for me and I am extremely pleased that I made it into the team," she says. "It means a lot to me because it sets me up well for the future."

Lauren will be part of the team for next weekend’s match to determine the East of England champions between Hertfordshire and Kent. The match also represents East selection for the A team.

Well done to her!

This Saturday Haileybury lacrosse professional, Leticia Hernandez, will be taking three teams to Berkhamstead not only for games but also for the experience of a US college pre-season style coaching clinic.

"The coaches at Berkhamstead and I agreed that this type of joint session would immediately communicate the ideas of a competitive community," Leticia explains. "This idea is especially key to the development of lacrosse at Haileybury because it helps to integrate our athletes into the wider competitive scope of club, county and regional teams."