fbpx Lacrosse girls come 2nd in county tournament - Haileybury

Lacrosse girls come 2nd in county tournament

Last Friday evening saw the Under 19 indoor county lacrosse tournament. A mix of Haileybury’s 1st and 2nd team players made up the A and B squads that played a series of four nine-minute matches against some of the most competitive schools in the Hertfordshire conference, including St George’s, Berkhamstead, Haberdashers, and St Albans.

The A team showed up determined to prove themselves to be a stronger, more experienced team than they were at the county tournament in September. And prove themselves they did, being placed second overall in the tournament and not dropping a single game. They won two matches — 4-2 over St Albans and an impressive 10-1 victory over Berkhamstead– and drew the other two. A predominantly senior-led team, the As owed their success to quick transitions down court, accurate passes inside the goal circle, and their ability to adapt to the fast pace of the indoor game.

Quick passing, give-and-go plays and defensive double-teaming resulted in Hailebury’s control of the fast-paced indoor game. Rowena Sharp and Vicky Allner had multiple interceptions on the defensive end, which were nearly always converted to a goal for Haileybury.

A team: Alana Zukas, Victoria Allner, Emma Clark, Lola Bateson, Nicola Fail, Gemma Hendriksen, Viola Traem, Rowena Sharp

B team: Katie Lee-Robinson, Lauren Clementson, Tanya Kumar, Hannah Mullee, Joanna Hawes, Lucy Smith, Claudia Parinello

Alana Zukas was named team MVP for Haileybury.

Recognition should also be paid to 1st-team defender Rowena Sharp, who was recently selected to the East of England A team– a significant honour for which we wish Rowena the best of luck.