Italian Society members enjoy talk on variety of subjects

A superb evening was enjoyed by all at the latest Italian Society gathering, with Rebecca Simmonds and Zika Seisembayeva bringing the heavyweight intellectual element to proceedings with a fascinating talk on the unification of Italy. Anthony Tawil and Justin Tsang enthralled the healthy audience with an analysis of the current Pope. Nikita Patel, Irina Gorelik and Paige Carter entertained us all with interesting thoughts on the past, present and future achievements of the "Azzurri" football team.

To cap off the evening Katy Brooks, Thomas Moniz and Claudia Parrinello delighted onlookers with their look at ice cream and its origins. Blind sampling of some delicious home-made ice cream then took place, with Straciatella coming out on top as the flavour of choice for most.