fbpx Instrumental competition finalists to perform on Thursday - Haileybury

Instrumental competition finalists to perform on Thursday

This Thursday, 3 March, sees the final of the Instrumental Competition. The following pupils will be participating and the adjudications will be given by Claire Tomsett, Quentin Thomas, James Deveson and Samuel Hudson.

A great evening of fantastic performances awaits you in Bradby Hall at 7.30pm – all welcome to attend. No tickets are required.

Junior Section: LS – Middles

Voice: Alexander Shambrook & Caitlin Scales

Strings: Jemima Willgoss (violin), Emily Walker (violin), Dennis Tang (guitar)

Piano & Percussion: JJ Nozell (Drums), Jack Howard (piano), Lachlan Okoye (piano)

Woodwind & Brass: Sophie Sanders (Clarinet), Phoebe Bassett (Flute), Francesca Wood (Sax)

Senior Section: Vths – UVI

Voice: Nicola Bray, Rebecca Simmonds & Charlie Tebbutt

Strings: Hugh McAleer (Violin), Henry Luscombe (guitar)

Piano & Percussion: Izzy Hunt (piano), Thomas Blanchard (drums), Alex Devine (drums) & Lizzie Bird (piano)

Woodwind & Brass: Nicole Masters (Oboe), Thomas Gratton (Clarinet), Jamie Ainsworth (Sax)